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Concept... History,

The Biscarrosse Tourism Office wishes to promote another kind of tourism and is dedicated in developing an active collaboration between the Biscarrossais and the visitors, whether they are just holidaymakers or new comers, in order to discover the town, its atmosphere, its facilities, its specificities in a new light, to understand its past and to meet up with the locals under the label of relating and sharing with the other.

So, if you are staying in Biscarrosse - for a few days off or for longer -  and want to try a new experience, why not go for a free tour of specific areas with the help of a Greeter?
History of the Greeter concept
Founded in 1992 as the first "welcome visitor" program of its kind, Big Apple Greeter in New York City grew from friendly exchanges founder Lynn Brooks had with people she met. Lynn wanted the world to know New York City as she did: a great big small town with diverse neighborhoods, mom-and-pop stores, fun places to dine, and friendly residents who go out of their way to help an out-of-towner feel welcome.

The concept was a big success and has spread all over the world.

Who are the Greeters?
Our volunteer Greeters, of all ages (over 18) have a love of Biscarrosse and willingness to share with visitors its art, tradition and culture, during their free time.

Guided tours are carried out only in French language
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