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The epic seaplane history

Someday, Biscarrosse a village with pine’s sap collectors, that nothing predisposed to an aeronautics future, was chosen by Pierre-Georges Latécoère to become the place where the biggest french seaplanes would be assembled from and where those same seaplanes would go on test flights from.

This was in 1930 ; the lake of Biscarrosse therefore, witnessed the departure of over 120 gigantic seaplanes....
... They were called the « ships of the air »… Flying those prestigious aircrafts, aviators such as Saint-Exupéry, Mermoz or Guillaumet, left their marks in the aeronautics history. Their achievements exceeded the simple fact of flying, they created a legend…

As an invitation to a journey, the seaplane Museum , set on the mythical place of the former old base, tells you about this story and about the one from the world seaplane history. Come into the legend… and get on board for a transatlantic flight to New York City or Fort de France, through the Golden Age of seaplanes. Feel, through a unique collection of seaplane models, mechanical parts, movies and original documents, all the emotions related to this epic era.

All the more surprising, the exhibit hall reveals as well strong moments of the visit, with its sepalanes from different periods Biscarrosse, true seaplanes Capital, stands nowadays as an international reference for amateurs and passionate visitors, organizing every two years a major unavoidable event : The International Seaplane Reunion on the Latécoère site.