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Landes gastronomy


Bisca is bursting with tastes and colours! Between specialities of the Southwest and typical Landes dishes, plates are never empty.
Garbure and Landes salad, Chalosse beef and free range chicken, Adour kiwis and asparagus, meat pie and foie gras, duck filet and confit...
has something to awaken your taste buds...
The markets of Biscarrosse
Gascon language and traditions


Pine tapping, Landes stilts, Gascon language... The traditions and identity of #BISCA are original and draw their uniqueness from a diverse history.
Home of the Gascon language, Bisca has been able to preserve and update its traditions to forge a strong identity. Resin collectors, Landes stilts, and defenders of Gascon, Bisca's residents are proud to share their roots.
Tour the traditions
of #BISCA identity
The landais stilts
History and old stone buildings


In #BISCA, the old stone buildings have many tales to tell.
From the Montbron Castle to the St Martin Church, from the Ste Bernadette Church to the Museum of Traditions, Bisca's historical depth delights curious visitors and architecture enthusiasts alike. Arches, pillars, windows, towers, ornamentation, and Garluche – the stone of Landes – seamlessly blend together in buildings with countless stories and legends.
Church, castle, museums
... Go back in time at #BISCA
St Martin Church
Birthplace of airmail


From Saint Exupéry to Mermoz or Guillamet, the giants of seaplanes have all passed through Latécoère in #BISCA.
The capital of seaplanes since the 1930s, Bisca has witnessed legendary pilots take flight to distant lands. Santiago, New York, Natal, and the Antilles... The very first transatlantic flights took off from the south lake, under the leadership of engineer Pierre Georges Latécoère.
Maiden flight
a flying class, museum...
The choice is yours!
The epic seaplane history
Tour guides and storytellers


What makes Bisca authentic is not just its old stone buildings, but also the men and women who live in them.
Proud of their city, Bisca residents can give you tips, secrets, and recommendations throughout your stay. Some may even offer you an alternate view of Bisca: storytellers.
Discover #BISCA
through the eyes of a local resident
Biscarrosse greeters