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Beaches and ocean


Dive into the vast Atlantic along the beaches of #BISCA...
15 km of white sand along the Atlantic, relaxing strolls and enjoyable swims. Bisca is ocean, hands down! Ideally located on the Atlantic coast, Bisca is famous for its waves. But the resort town is also the land of beaches, dunes, and Landes pine forests... A sunny stretch of land to explore.
4 km
of white sand ocean beaches...
The beaches of Biscarrosse

Sea spray

Come meet the Landes waves and feel the thrill of gliding across the water...
#BISCA is known for its waves, its many surfing schools, and its world famous sports personalities. A hotspot for adrenaline seekers and surfers, Bisca brings together many sports in a one-of-a-kind natural setting: surfing, kite-surfing, sailing, paddle boarding, sand-yachting…
has unparalleled locations
for surfing, kite-surfing, and paddling
Surf in Biscarrosse
Ocean recreation


#BISCA offers a wide variety of ocean activities to try as a family or with friends…
A day of discovery in the #BISCA Atlantic
08:30 – Continental breakfast by the ocean for Nathalie, Paul, and their children Jules and Sarah, including chocolate and iced coffee, sandwiches, fruit salad, and more. Ready for a full-blown day of fun in the Atlantic in Bisca.
09:30 – First shore fishing lesson for Jules (age 6), accompanied by her sister, who immortalises these moments on film.
14:00 – Paddle boarding session for Paul, thrills and escape.
15:00 – Relaxing afternoon and sunbathing for Nathalie (age 34), accompanied by children and sunscreen (a must!).
19:00 – Time for a stroll on the wet sand, Sarah (age 17) takes a photo in the delicate afternoon light: Certain paradise and sublime memories...
for all tastes and all ages
The family destination
History of the Dunes

The sand

The dunes of #Bisca are true "forested mountains"
The coastal dunes were formed in the 4th millennium BC, as true "forested mountains" - their name in the time of antiquity.
That's where Bisca got its name: the place in the hills.
But the dunes are also a human creation. There is a story behind the coastal dune, from its creation to its preservation...
This is where #BISCA
hides its greatest secrets
The green dune
Seaside fragrances


In #Bisca drifts a sweet scent of summer that is relaxing and revitalising...
Sand castles, kite flying, picnics, naps, beach clubs, sunbathing, time on the terrace, doughnuts, beach volleyball, lounging around, aperitifs, night markets, waffles, bicycling, street performances, carousels, casino, nightclubs…
The ambiance of #BISCA is unique and revitalising. Its sweet scent of summer provides a total change of scenery.
Fragrances, thrills: It's summertime in #Bisca !
Events in Biscarrosse