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Beach safety

Behind the dune is the beach. To view the ocean, go to the "green" dune, which is set up to accommodate the walk...

Protected from any urbanisation, a white sand beach stretches over 106 km. Welcome to the Landes coast! Cleaned every day in summer and at least every 15 days in winter, this beach is indomitable and changes shape with every tide

Recreation for everyone 

Sports enthusiasts come here for sand-yachting, surfing, kite-flying, and beach volleyball. There are kids clubs available for younger children, and early birds and night owls enjoy surf-casting. A tiralo is available for the disabled.

Swimming is prohibited outside of the swimming areas that are marked off with blue flags and monitored by lifeguards.
There are about 30 lifeguards on duty throughout the season for the safety of swimmers in marked swimming areas.

We strongly recommend cooperating with their advice. 
Central Esplanade Rescue station - 497, bld des Sables - 
South beach / south Parking Rescue station - Bld des Sables - 
Vivier Rescue station - 681, rue du Tit  

For more information on first aid stations, please contact the Tourism Office
at +33 (0)5 58 78 20 96


Tidal pools 

What is a tidal pool?
A tidal pool is a depression of water that forms in the sand along the coast as a result of the North-South current, wind, and waves.
How can you recognise a tidal pool?
A tidal pool resembles a natural pool formed between the coast and a sand bank.
How does it work?
When the tide rises, waves pass over the sandbanks and fill the tidal pools. Their water level rises to above sea level. Through their interconnection, tidal pools empty through the funnel as the water ebbs, which generates a strong current toward the sea.
What precautions should be taken?
Be careful never to swim behind a rising tidal pool because you may be carried out to sea.
What should you do if you get caught in a riptide?
Remain calm. Do not try to fight against the current. Instead, signal to the lifeguards or surfers.


The danger of sand holes

Playing in the sand is a popular activity among children. Very young children prefer building sand castles, and as they grow older, they enjoy digging deep holes in the sand.
What are the risks?
Sand tends to crumble easily, and it can collapse at any time. Someone covered by a sand hole that collapses can die of asphyxiation within just a few minutes.
What precautions should be taken?
Keep your eyes on your children at all times, and do not dig deep holes. Build sand castles instead, which are entirely safe!

On lakes

For information on lake regulations (safety, navigation, etc.), please contact the Tourism Office at 05 58 78 20 96.

A 300 m strip, set off by yellow buoys, has been set up over the entire periphery of the North and South lakes.
Inside of the strip, especially near the swimming areas, visitors are advised to use great caution. The maximum speed for boats within 300 m from shore is 2.5 knots, or about 5 km/h.
All vessels, with or without a motor, must be equipped with safety equipment, as required by applicable regulations.

Boat owners must pay the shipping tax to be able to move on Biscarrosse water.
This tax is required when launching the boat. The Biscarrosse City boating service offers three types of stickers: annual, monthly (June through September for stays up to one month), and weekly (for stays up to one week).

Boating Service: +33 5 58 83 40 40
Navarrosse Port Authority: +33 5 58 09 84 79

The sun

Holidays are taken to soak up the sun, but there are some guidelines to follow for a better stay:
Avoid sun exposure between 11:00 and 16:00. Apply sunscreen regularly, especially after swimming.

Always wear a hat or cap on your heat and sunglasses on your eyes. Drink frequently.
To prevent hypothermia (sudden cooling of the body), enter the water slowly. Get your neck, abdomen, and arms wet before diving.

Handiplage access

To allow access to water recreational activities for the disabled, Biscarrosse has made adjustments to the Central Beach and the North Lake in Maguide. Tiralos are available for use. Please contact the rescue station on site.