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Bisc'Accessible : A joint initiative between the Tourism Office and the L'Handi-actif Association

A single objective of facilitating access to accommodations and recreational sports for people with reduced mobility.

Unlike the Tourisme et Handicap, label, its aim is simply to provide information for people with reduced mobility about available services that are not yet labelled.

For general information
Tourism Office (Tourism and Handicap labelled for motor, visual, mental, and hearing impairments)
Inductive loop assistive listening system and Braille documentation on Biscarrosse available Tél :  +33 5 58 78 20 96
Email : biscarrosse@otdesgrandslacs.com

For any assistance, equipment lending services, information on accessible accommodations and facilitation on Biscarrosse
L’Handi-actif Association www.lhandiactif.org
Angelo Martone Président
Tél :  +33 6 80 61 58 96
Formed and headed by Angelo Martone, this motor impairment and Biscarrosse hotel and restaurant association seeks to promote tourism and recreational sports for active disabled people and their families.

Tourism Office services 

-Raise awareness about the Tourism and Handicap label among tourism providers
-Work in partnership with the town hall on accessible travel routes
-Develop a selection of accessible recreational activities
-Promote service providers to identify Biscarrosse in the future as an accessible destination

L'Handi-actif Association services

-Provide equipment suitable for active disabled people to use in sports and recreational activities
-Allow surfing with appropriate supervision and equipment
-Allow adapted cycling for tourists
-Ensure accessibility throughout the city, in tourism accommodations, and at natural sites (ocean, lake, etc.)
-Organise recreational sports days with existing adapted equipment and recreational sports events
-Keep track of accessible accommodations and sites where adapted sports equipment can be found, including reports of any nuisances at any point
-Help providers obtain Tourism and Handicap labels and help the community tailor itself to be a "destination for all"

The locations listed below were toured and tested by Angelo Martone and declared to be accessible. Other sites that were not visited may also be accessible.

-LA RIVE : Two equipped cabins, restaurant access, auditorium with lift, lake access via grating
-LE BIMBO : Two star bungalows, restaurant and activities
-NAVARROSSE : One mobile home, and multiple star bungalows, bar, restaurant. Lake access via grated pathway.
-PLAGE SUD : One mobile home, restaurant and activities
-MAYOTTE VACANCES : One mobile home, restaurant and activities

-LES VAGUES : Two rooms, two special parking spots.
-LA FORESTIERE : Two rooms, two special parking spots.
-L’ATLANTIDE : One room, one special parking spot.
-LE ST HUBERT : One room, one special parking spot.
-LA FERME D’EN CHON : One apartment, one special parking spot.
-HYPE HOTEL : One room, one special parking spot.

-PIERRE ET VACANCES : Eight studios, multiple special parking spots.
-AU PITOT : Two apartments, two special parking spots.

-Surfing : Lessons offered by the club kiwi surf
-Horse-riding : Le centre Equestre Laouadie has a ramp to raise the wheelchair, and the centre's horses are comfortable with the equipment. The instructor is trained to work with the disabled.
-Flying : Le vol des Aigles offers sightseeing flights and flying lessons.
-Swimming : In the ocean at ,the central beach (*1 tiralo and 1 hippocampus wheelchair) and at Lake Port Maguide (3* tiralos for easy access to swimming). *(Talk to the lifeguards, who can help you in an emergency.)
-Cycling : Bicycles may be rented through the association.
-Canoeing: Accessible
-Cultural visits : The Seaplane History Museum, The Traditions Museum, and the library are accessible. Other accessible sites include the Atlantic Cinema at Biscarrosse Beach and a room at the Le Renoir Cinemain the city of Biscarrosse.